Friday, May 22, 2009

Rice-Planting at Sanbogi Agricultural High School

Yesterday, I went on a field trip for the Japanese 1 class (including some students from the Japanese 2-4, like me haha). We went to Sanbogi Agricultural High School in Towada to plant rice. :) Oh yeah, and have a mud race! I wasn't able to take pictures of us actually planting (obviously BECAUSE I was in the fields, haha). However, my Japanese teacher was kind enough to take pictures while we were in the hot sun bending over to plant rice! :) Thank you!

Here are some pictures from the field trip! =D

Introductory Ceremony

Getting the rice plants!

Before getting into the muddy fields

Getting ready for our positions

On your mark... get set... GO! (They fired a shotgun! =])

Bending over in the hot sun doing ROW by ROW by ROW...

Here's me planting rice! =)

After 2 1/2 hours of hard-working... WALAH! The rice fields have been planted! XD

Little Japanese elementary students dropped by to say GANBATTE! (Do your best!)

Ones with blue hats... HOW CUTE ^__^;

Here are the pictures I took with my camera. =)

Look how tiny they are! =D

The "mud race" time of the day... *;] Read the sign... it says "Mud Flag FESTIBAL" LOL

Here's the audience!!! =)

The American boys get ready for position...

BUT the American girls ran the race MANLY *;] Hahah

Free lunch they gave us! =D Aquarius water & a bowl of CURRY (with soup too, but I ate it all by the time I took this picture... hahaha)

Going farm-animal sight-seeing! A cat under the shade of a tree

BINGO! Haha, they were such pretty dogs... but they ran away. =( (Warning: Don't look on the ground)

Neyyyyy... =) Horsie!

Ostrich on the run.... =O

AH! It came super close to us! It's so tall!

Fish pond...

I thought these were pretty =)

All of us!

It was a really HOT and tiring but FUN-filled day! =) It was a really good experience. :) My whole body is completely SORE from yesterday though. =/ My legs, my arms, my back... hahaha! I'll never forget the slimy, gooey mud rushing through my toes. xP OH. & I saw dragonflies, moths, WORMS, & tiny frogs on the mud as we were planting the rice. x_x" AHHH! I got really dirty (with mud stuck in my fingernails & toenails), but hey! It's only once in awhile! *;]

The best thing about Japan is going out there and having an adventure! =D


Missy said...

I like all your photos especially your solo picture, planting rice :-)

chubskulit said...

Wow, i miss planting rice.... I used to that when I was growing up

Chicha! said...

How fun :) I did it too in elementary school.

√ A-choo ! said...

Oh these photos are beautiful. Did you guys use the big rake thing to make lines in the mud so you knew where to place the rice seedlings? I got some pics of that from 1954. I was in Sendai.

I like your site.
I have if you or your friends are interested in how Japan used to be. I am working on it now.

Lalique said...

happy to be here
great new year 2012

from Turkey